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President Judge Clark’s November 13, 2020 and September 15, 2020 orders regarding jury trials in the Convention Center, and her August 31, 2020 order must be read together.
Pursuant to the August 31, 2020 order, the 2020 published trial lists are suspended.
Further, pursuant to the November 13, 2020 order, if your case is on a published trial list, and all parties consent to moving forward with a jury trial, they may present a consented-to motion to the Calendar Control Judge; if one or more litigants does not consent to having a jury trial scheduled, the party wanting to move forward with the jury trial may present a contested motion to the Calendar Control Judge. Consented-to and contested motions concerning jury trials shall be heard by the Calendar Control Judge. If the motion is granted, a jury trial will be scheduled to be held in the Convention Center. If your case is on a published trial list, and you have a discovery issue requiring the presentation of a Discovery Motion, that Discovery Motion shall be heard by the Calendar Control Judge, irrespective of the suspension.

All published trial lists are temporarily suspended pending further Order of Court.
For further information relating to Court Operations and specifically Civil Division operations,
including information about Jury and Non-jury trials, please see pages 9 through 13 of the

August 31, 2020 Amended Emergency Operations Plan, and the November 13, and September 15 Orders referenced above.

All trial lists, argument schedules, motions calendars, and calendar control information may be found under Calendar Control

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