Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Court Reporters | Voice Mail Extensions

To leave a voice mail message for any of the Court Reporters listed below dial 412.350.5823 and follow the prompts.

ANDREJCIK, John 464 KENNELLY, Colleen 457
BANOS, Kathleen 435 LLOYD, Susan 458
BARTO, Janet 423 MAGLICCO, Michelle 425
BENSON, Teresa 466 MARRONE, Philip 462
BETZLER, Deborah 440 MARTIN, Mary 441
BRENNAN, Laurie 446 MELLOR, Patricia 415
CHORBA, Cheryl 445 MIKULLA, Cathleen 449
CORBIN, Mark 431 MURAWSKI, Michele 454
COX, Jennifer 428 NOVICKI, Carol 461
DOBIES, Judith 465 PERKO, Mary Beth 433
ELLSWORTH, Janeen 439 RE, Noreen 444
FEDOREK, Janice 447 SALSGIVER, Mary Anne 443
FRIDAY, Jacqueline 418 SPAGNOLO, Mary 420
GASPER, Melissa 432 SPORRER, Jane 416
HIRSCH, Jane 422 TRETTEL, Veronica 452
HOLBEIN, Kimberly 459 VITRANO, Christine 437
JOSEY, Jill 451 WISEMAN, Kathy 436
KARL, Janice 453 ZWICK, Denise 426
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Office of the Court Reporters
564 Forbes Avenue
Suite 805
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
412.350.5827 fax
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Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.