Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Administration | Interpreter Services and Disability Accommodations (ADA)

The Fifth Judicial District provides foreign language interpreters for persons with limited English proficiency in judicial proceedings, and to enable access to court services and programs. These services are free of charge.

Language Access Plan
Language Access Grievance Procedure
Procedimiento y Formulario para Presentar Quejas

The District also provides sign language interpreters for the deaf/hard of hearing and other disability accommodations to provide accessibility to court services, programs, facilities, and in judicial proceedings pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These services are free of charge.

How to request an interpreter or disability accommodation
If an interpreter or disability accommodation is needed, please complete the Foreign Language Interpreter Request form or ADA Accommodation Request form (sign language or other disability)

Foreign Language Interpreter Request Form (MS Word template)

ADA Accommodation Request Form (MS Word Template)

Return the appropriate form either by:

          Fax: 412.350.5083
          Mail: Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
                    FLI/ADA Coordinator
                    437 Grant Street
                    300 Frick Building
                    Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Note: Please provide supporting documentation, if available, such as a copy of the criminal complaint or a description of the issues of the case. This information is important as it assists the interpreters in preparing for the assignment.

If you have questions regarding the form, or require assistance, please call the FLI/ADA Coordinator at 412.350.5419 or 412.350.4044.


Please provide as much notice as possible when requesting an interpreter or disability accommodation. Also, if you no longer require the services of the interpreter/accommodation, contact the FLI/ADA Coordinator to cancel your request as soon as possible, since the court will incur expenses for failure to cancel the interpreters/accommodation in a timely manner. Arrangements will be made for an interpreter or accommodation immediately upon receipt of the request by the Coordinator and the Requestor will be notified as soon as services/accommodations are secured.

If you wish to file a grievance alleging a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act by the Fifth Judicial District you may do so by following the District's Grievance Procedure. Grievances must be sent to the Deputy Court Administrator, 300 Frick Building, 437 Grant Street, Pittsburgh PA 15219. A response will be sent to you after a careful review of the facts.