Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Administration | Financial Public Access

Financial records of the Unified Judicial System are available for public inspection or copying during established business hours. Financial records are defined as any account, contract, invoice or equivalent dealing with:

  1. the receipt or disbursement of funds appropriated to the system; or
  2. acquisition, use or disposal of services, supplies, materials, equipment or property secured through funds appropriated to the system.

Public access to the financial records of the Fifth Judicial District is governed by Rule 509, as amended, of the Pennsylvania Rules of Judicial Administration. Rule 509 was promulgated by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in furtherance of the Unified Judicial System’s policy of the public’s right of access to records that concern the use of public funds.

Effective January 1, 2009, summaries of all contracts and purchase orders for $5,000 or more executed July 1, 2008 are posted on the website of the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.

A request to inspect or obtain copies of Fifth Judicial District financial records accessible pursuant to Rule 509 must be made in writing. Requests may be submitted online, in person, by mail, by e-mail, or by facsimile. Please click here to obtain Form 509.

Please forward your completed form to:

ATTN: Rule 509 Administrator
Court Administration
300 Frick Building
437 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
412.350.5410 telephone
412.350.3930 fax

Reasonable costs incurred in providing public access to financial records may be charged to the requestor as follows:

  • Fee Schedule
    • Photocopying: 11+ pages - $0.15/Page
    • Retrieval / Redaction: $7.00 / 15 Minutes
    • CD: $5.00 Each
    • Postage: Actual Cost

Prepayment will be required if expected compliance costs exceed $100.