Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
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  • The Civil Division Arbitration Department resumed limited in-person arbitration hearings on April 5, 2021; those limited in-person arbitration hearings shall continue pending further Order of Court. In-person arbitration hearings shall employ all safety protocols as set forth in the Court's Amended Emergency Operations Plan Order of August 31, 2021.
  • Parties with in-person hearings scheduled during this period may request a fully Virtual/Remote hearing using Advanced Communication Technology (ACT) by following the instructions and protocols found below under the “Virtual/Remote Arbitration Hearing Instructions” section.
  • If you filed, or file, a new complaint during the Emergency Order and have not received a hearing date, once all parties are served, you should file a Praecipe to Schedule an Arbitration Hearing following the instructions below. Blank Praecipes are also available at the Department of Court Records.

Anna Majocha, Arbitration Supervisor
Anna Majocha
Arbitration Supervisor

The compulsory arbitration system in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County is the oldest of its kind in the country, and its success has resulted in its being the model for similar systems throughout the Commonwealth and in other states. The arbitration system provides for simple and concise pleadings and a trial of the issues within a short time of filing of suit, enabling the parties to fairly resolve the claim with a minimum of expense and time.

The arbitration system in Allegheny County is compulsory non-binding arbitration, with a ceiling of $50,000 on civil damage awards. The arbitration hearing rooms are located on the seventh floor of the City-County Building, 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. The arbitration office is located in room 702 of the City-County Building.


The Compulsory Arbitration Section, Civil Division has resumed in-person hearings beginning April 5, 2021.

Mandatory Covid-19 Protocols upon arrival on the 7th Floor City County Building:

  • You must wear a mask inside the City County Building;

  • If you testify at the arbitration, you may be asked to remove your mask while testifying;

  • Follow signage to check in with arbitration clerk;

  • Maintain 6-foot social distancing using floor marks while in line;

  • You will be directed to social distanced seating within waiting area(s) and hallway(s);

  • Remain seated or socially distanced until your case is called;

  • If you anticipate that more than 4 persons total will attend the hearing in person or that it may take longer than 2 hours to complete, you must advise the Arbitration Office in advance by calling 412-350-5625.

Virtual/Remote Arbitration Hearing Instructions

To reduce /avoid in person contact, you can now opt to have your arbitration hearing conducted remotely using advanced communication technology (ACT). A remote arbitration hearing is a safe effective and efficient way to conduct the arbitration hearing. To request a virtual hearing, follow the Remote Arbitration Hearing Instructions.

Continuance of Arbitration Hearing

If you require a continuance of your Arbitration hearing, please follow the Procedure for Obtaining a Continuance. If the continuance is uncontested, you must file an Adjournment of Hearing Form online in Microsoft Word format using the procedures outlined above. If the continuance is contested you must follow the instructions relating to filing contested Motions before the Calendar Control Judge, the Honorable Patrick Connelly.

Praecipe for Arbitration Hearing

If you filed a new complaint during the Emergency Order and were not issued a hearing date, once your case is ready for hearing you should file a Praecipe to Schedule an Arbitration Hearing. Blank Praecipes are also available at the Department of Court Records.

Arbitration Forms

PA Supreme Court Coversheet

Civil Division Coversheet

Notice to Defend

Small Claims Notice to Defend

Certificate of Compliance

Small Claims Complaint

Notice of Intention to Appear

Praecipe for Hearing

Procedure for Obtaining Continuance of Arbitration Hearing

Adjournment of Hearing

Arbitration Appeal

Stipulation to Limitation of Monetary Recovery

Notice of Intent to Offer Documentary Evidence

Praecipe for Judgement on the Arbitration Award

Notice of Order, Decree or Judgement

Virtual Arbitration Hearing Request Form

Remote Arbitration Hearings Protocols and Procedures

Remote Arbitration Hearing Instructions