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Although all Jury trials listed for January of 2022 are postponed due to President Judge Clark’s Order dated January 6, 2022, all Civil Division Non-Jury Trials on the January trial list will proceed as listed.

Additionally, all previously scheduled conciliations will also move forward as scheduled, and parties choosing to have an additional conciliation scheduled may request an additional conciliation by contacting the staff of the Judge who initially conciliated the case.

Calendar Control

Honorable Patrick M. Connelly
Calendar Control Judge

Judge Connelly’s Calendar Control Motions Procedures

Denise Seibel
Calendar Control Manager
(412) 350-5417

The Civil Division Calendar Control Office is located on the seventh floor of the City-County Building. Calendar Control is charged with the scheduling of all General Trial matters not specifically assigned to a Judge. Below you will find calendars, lists, and other important dates which are updated regularly and many of which are published in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal.

Court Calendar 2019-2020
Court Calendar 2020-2021
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The last day to file Motions for Summary Judgment and Motions for Judgment on the Pleadings is MONDAY, May 2, 2022 at 2:00 P.M. for matters on the MONDAY, June 13, 2022 General and Equity Argument List.

No Motions for Summary Judgment or Judgment on the Pleadings will be accepted for any case on a published trial list, except by Leave of Court for Cause Shown



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