Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania

Checklist and Instructions for Attorneys to file a Motion for Continuance

After the required case status conference with opposing counsel, if a postponement is being requested by either party the following is the process to file a motion for a continuance.

  • Defense Counsel’s appearance must be entered on behalf of the Defendant.
  • You must have the following information before submitting your postponement request:
  • Defendant’s name, docket number(s) and lead charge.
  • The Judge assigned.
  • The name of Opposing Counsel assigned to the case.
  • If opposing counsel consents or objects to the postponement request.
  • Defendant’s consent (if Defense Counsel is the moving party).
  • Previous postponement information.
  • Reason for Motion for Continuance.
  • Three trial dates agreed upon by both parties, to submit to the court for consideration.
  • Once complete, the submission for the postponement will be forwarded to the assigned Judge for review.
  • Once the Motion for Continuance has been Granted or Denied by the Court, both parties will be notified via email or by phone.
  • If Granted, the Defense Attorney will make arrangements with Court Staff for the defendant to sign a new Subpoena or to have counsel sign on his behalf using the approved protocol for telephone verification.
  • A copy of the Granted or Denied postponement form will be sent to both parties via mail or email.

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