Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Adult Probation | Probation Intake Process for Remote Hearings

Microsoft Teams is being utilized for a variety of court proceedings that would normally require an individual to report directly to the probation intake office after an in-person hearing. The following procedure allows the required probation paperwork to be completed prior to the proceeding and submitted to probation intake for any hearing where the defendant participates remotely. This will eliminate the need for an in-person report to the Adult Probation Intake Department.

If a hearing takes place in the courtroom/courthouse, offenders will be required to report to probation intake to fill out the proper paperwork and have an intake interview.

Allegheny County Probation intake information sheets and rules of probation are available on the public court website. Attorneys should provide their client with a copy of each form to complete prior to their scheduled remote court appearance.

  • 1. The Probation Intake Form must be filled out in its entirety to ensure reliable and accurate offender information is provided to the assigned officer.

  • 2. The Rules of Probation Acknowledgement Form should be reviewed by the defendant and signed and dated. Questions regarding these rules can be addressed by the court and will be thoroughly reviewed with the individual by his or her assigned probation officer.
  • 3. The Probation Intake Form and the Rules of Probation Acknowledgement form must be sent to the assigned minute clerk along with the Plea Colloquy. The minute clerk will send these forms, along with the sentencing order(s) and probation sentencing intake form to assigned probation staff.

  • 4. Sentencing requirements and other court stipulated probation terms will not be reviewed with Offenders via this remote process. Counsel should advise clients that they will be required to comply with any conditions set forth by the court, statute, offense type, etc. Attorneys should be aware of time sensitive requirements such as sex offender registration and advise their clients accordingly.
    • These conditions may include DNA submission, sex offender registration, electronic monitoring requirements, DUI related stipulations, and intercounty and interstate transfer procedures.
    • The defendant’s requirements will be reviewed, in detail, at their initial interview with their assigned probation officer.
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