Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania

For Miscellaneous Motions normally filed in person in Courthouse Room 534, the following protocol must be followed:

  • Return of property (Pro Se), Return of property (Victim), Firearm License Appeal, and Petition for Fines and Costs Adjustment may be found on the Allegheny Court website.

  • Please contact the Department of Court Records at 412-350-5320 to obtain forms for the following motions: Private Investigation License or renewal, Constable Appointment.

  • If you do not see the motion you would like to file, please call 412-350-4420.

  • The Motion will be filed via email to

  • A $20.00 filing fee is required on the following Motions: Return of property (seized), Firearms License appeal, Private Investigation License, and any Motion that does not have a criminal case docket number. This fee is payable to the Department of Court Records, Room 114 Allegheny County Courthouse, in person or mailed to the motions desk, Court of Common Pleas, Criminal Division, Room 534 Courthouse, 436 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Please include the first page of the motion, identifying petitioner’s name, and provide contact information. Please contact court records at 412-350-5320 for methods of payment. If the fee is mailed, it must be by money order only.

  • Once received, the Motions Clerk will review the motion and determine if a hearing is required.

  • If the motion can be administratively handled, the Motions Clerk will notify petitioner of the outcome.

  • If a Motion cannot be handled administratively and requires a hearing, the process will be as follows:
  • The Motions Clerk will schedule the Motion in accordance with the calendar of the Motions Judge.

  • Once scheduled, the Motions Clerk will notify the filing party (attorney/petitioner) of the hearing date.

  • The Motions Clerk will scan the Motion and send by email to the District Attorney’s Office with notification of the hearing date.

  • The Motions Clerk will notify attorney and/or petitioner of the hearing date, time and call in number and passcode for the hearing.

  • The Motions Clerk will enter all results from the Miscellaneous Motions hearings, and will mail or email a copy of the signed motion to the attorney/petitioner.

Miscellaneous Motion. Firearms Petition
Miscellaneous Motion.Return of Property Pro Se
Miscellaneous Motion. Return of Property (victim) Petition
Miscellanoeus Motion. Fines and Costs Adjustment Petition