Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Bail Services | Bail Review Request

As stated in the Bail Modifications Prior to Verdict Policy, the Attorney for the Commonwealth, the Public Defender’s Office, or any private defense counsel of record may request an administrative review of bail by the Pretrial Services Bail Unit. This review can be requested without a formal petition to the Court for a hearing by submitting the Administrative Bail Review Request Form directly to the Bail Unit of the Pretrial Services Department.

Bail Review Request Form Instruction Sheet
Administrative Bail Review Request Form (MS Word Form)

The Allegheny County Rules of Criminal Procedures Rule 529.1 specifies three conditions regarding modifications of bail orders prior to verdict.

  1. All motions concerning bail before verdict shall be heard by the Motions Judge of the Criminal Division in open court and on the record.
  2. Notice of hearing concerning bail before verdict must be given to the Attorney for the Commonwealth, defense counsel of record and the Bail Unit and no hearing shall be conducted unless the attorney for the Commonwealth and representative of the Bail Unit are present.
  3. In case of emergency, if defense counsel of record could not be notified of the bail hearing, defense counsel shall be promptly notified by the Bail Unit of the Motions Judge’s disposition on the motion and if, upon such notification, defense counsel requests an opportunity to be heard, another hearing will be scheduled by the Bail Unit.