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Mission and Organizational Values:

The Allegheny County Pretrial Services (ACPTS) mission is to provide accurate and timely information to assist the Court in making informed decisions regarding bond, competency, and treatment. Also, to supervise and monitor defendants in a respectful manner, utilizing cost-effective measures for the community and to promote compliance with court orders, court appearances, and to support public safety.

The following organizational values and core beliefs guide ACPTS in carrying out its day-to-day activities in support of its mission:

  • The fundamental belief in the presumption of innocence
  • Our interaction with defendants is fair, flexible, and consistent
  • Community accountability and integrity
  • Enhancing public safety through conditional release options and supervision
  • Proactive and innovative approach in administrating services
  • Services are performed with the highest professional and ethical standards
  • The belief that people have the ability to become law-abiding citizens

In January of 2007, the Allegheny County Pretrial Services Department (ACPTS) was created and became operational. Pretrial Services was developed by combining four separate departments, the Allegheny County Bail Agency, the Allegheny County Behavior Clinic, the first offender diversion (ARD) program, and the Allegheny County Alcohol Highway Safety Program. This in effect is a consolidation of services provided by the Court prior to sentencing. Pretrial services utilizes enhanced practices in key functions to comply closer to national standards set forth by the American Bar Association (ABA) and the National Association of Pretrial Services (NAPSA).

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Allegheny County Pretrial Services
564 Forbes Avenue- 4th floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
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Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.