Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
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Honorable Dwayne D. Woodruff, Supervising Judge
Honorable Kim D. Eaton
Administrative Judge

Honorable Dwayne D. Woodruff
Supervising Judge


The Family Division consists of two distinct sections, the Juvenile Section which consists of cases involving dependency, delinquency, termination of parental rights and other similar matters and the Adult Section, which deals with child support, custody, divorce and other issues.

The Division proudly operates under what is known as the “one judge one family” concept. When the judge hears a case involving a family, the judge continues to preside over all matters involving that family throughout the entire case and even if the case crosses into the other section of the Family Division.

While we are very proud of the way cases are handled in this Division, including the many court innovations, programs, resources and additional services provided to the public which we usually highlight on this page. During these unprecedented times, Judge Woodruff, the Supervising Judge of the Juvenile Section, and I have attempted to temporarily organize this website to provide guidance to the public as a streamlined, concise resource for the public.

Most of our operations are in the Family Law Center, which is now open to the public. At this time, however, almost all of our court cases are being conducted remotely, with the exception of our Protection from Abuse Court which remains open for in person petitions. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, we have limited entrance into the building for the public, litigants, employees, and lawyers who must come into the building. Many of our satellite offices, both juvenile and adult, are closed to the public. Most of our programs are up and running, but virtually.

During these times, if you do have some questions about how to access the court and what happens in our individual departments, or any other questions, you will find telephone numbers, email addresses, and in some cases, forms on the website.

Today, it is our mission to keep our employees and the public as safe as possible while moving forward with the important work of the Family Division.

On behalf of the judges and all the employees of the Family Division we hope you stay safe in these uncommon and unusual times and that when we all do get back to normal, and we will, that you will come back to this web page to see all of the excellent and innovative programs that the Family Division offers to the citizens of Allegheny County.

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