Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Juvenile | Administrative Orders

The following Administrative Orders of Court pertain to Juvenile Court Procedure. These Orders pertain either to dependency case practice, to delinquency case practice or to both dependency and delinquency case practice. The following is not an exhaustive listing of Administrative Orders of Court pertaining to Juvenile Court Procedure, but rather, those orders that govern various current Juvenile Court procedures.

Description of Administrative Orders Number
Duty to Meet & Confer 225 of 2015
Refund Policy for Scheduled Hearings for Permanent Masters 221 of 225
Procedures governing Act 33 cases (supercedes A-2 of 2001) 478 of 2005
Dependency Cases with Final Orders 129 of 2004
Procedures Relating to Allocation of Custody of Children Following Closure of a Juvenile Section Child Protection Matter 411 of 2003
Permanent Legal Custodianship Matters 37 of 2002
Obtaining and Scheduling Shelter Hearings 30 of 2002
Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem A29 of 2002
Appointment of Counsel, Policies and Procedures, and Revised Fee Bill A8 of 2001
Supplement to Previous Court Orders Appointing a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) A6 of 2001
Motions Practice for the Juvenile Section of the Family Division A4 of 2001
Functions of the District Attorney Pursuant to 42 Pa. C.A. §6336(b) A3 of 2001
In Forma Pauperis Order Governing Children in Dependency Proceedings A1 of 2000
Administration of Dependency Actions in Juvenile Court A2 of 1999
Assignment of Judges for Matters Pertaining to the Abortion Control Act, 19 Pa.C.S.A. §3201 et. Seq. 39 of 1994
Procedures Governing Emergency Custody Authorizations 26 of 1987 and Restraining Orders 26 of 1987
Real Estate Continuance Order

Emergency Operations Orders
Positive Test Results
Mask Policy

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