Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Protection From Abuse (PFA) | Service of Temporary PFA Order

Police copy: The Plaintiff should immediately deliver one copy of the PFA Petition and Temporary PFA Order to local police where the Plaintiff will be residing. Additional copies may be provided to other police departments (Plaintiff’s work, children’s school, etc.). ANY police department can verify the existence and terms of a PFA Order 24 hours a day and obtain a copy through the PA State Police PFA registry.

Defendant’s copy: The Defendant MUST be served a copy of the PFA Petition and Temporary PFA Order. The Plaintiff should never attempt to personally serve the defendant; however, it is the Plaintiff’s responsibility to see that the Defendant is served with a copy a soon as possible. A competent adult may serve the Defendant, but that person CANNOT be a party in the PFA case or a relative or employee of a party in the case. It is best for service to be made by a law enforcement officer. Police assistance should always be requested when the PFA Order requires the eviction of the defendant from a residence or enforcement of custody and weapons relief. The Sheriff’s Department, Room 111, Courthouse, 436 Grant Street, Pittsburgh PA will serve all Defendants in the Allegheny County Jail or Defendants located outside of Allegheny County, so long as an address is provided.

More information is available in the Children’s Court Manual.