Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Orphans' Court | Local Rules

Allegheny County Orphans' Court Rules Rule No
Sessions Of Court; Standard Of Time; Motions 1.2A
Attorneys 1.2B
Recording Inter Vivos Trusts 1.2C
Definitions 2.3
Return Days 3.2
Hearings; Briefs; Amicus Curiae 3.7
Parties In Military Service 5.7
Form Of Account 6.1
Notice To Parties In Interest 6.3
Time For Filing Of Accounts 6.4
Objections To Account; Service 6.10
Exceptions 7.1
Appeals From The Register Of Wills 10.2
Resignation And Discharge Of Living Fiduciaries 12.7
Public Or Private Sale Or Options Of Real Property; Mortgage Or Lease Of Real Property 12.9, 12.10, 12.11
Small Estates 12.16A
Sales Of Real Estate; Additional Security Or Waiver Thereof 12.16B
Minors; Allowances 12.16C
Termination Of Trusts 12.16D
Change Of Situs Of Trust 12.16E
Compromise Or Settlement Of Survival Actions 12.16F
Petition To Settle Claims 12.16G
Corporations Serving As Fiduciaries 12.16H
Surety Companies 12.16I
Incapacitated Persons; Guardians 14
Adoption 15
Form For Filing And Indexing Of Notice Of Claim Against Real Property 17