Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
Orphans' Court | Audits, Estates and Trusts

The Audit Department examines all accounts filed with the Orphans’ Court Division in decedents' estates, trusts, powers of attorney, and guardianships of incapacitated persons and minors. An audit examiner reviews the account and the petition for distribution called for audit before the auditing judge and prepares the decree of distribution. The department is also responsible for reviewing all petitions for settlement and distribution of small estates, and all estate settlement agreements that are filed in the Register of Department of Court Records, Wills/Orphans’ Court Division.

The Audit Department also receives and reviews all motions and petitions for citation that are presented in the Orphans’ Court Division, prepares the monthly audit-hearing schedule and the weekly motions judge schedule, and monitors the filing of proofs of deposit and purchase of annuities in cases involving minors and incapacitated persons.

Additional information on Audits, Estates and Trusts can be found on frequently asked questions.

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Orphans' Court
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